Ogilvy Impact is a finalist in Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards for Excellence in Employee Communications


Ogilvy Impact is thrilled to announce a finalist position in the 2016 Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards.

The SABRES celebrate the best and brightest work produced by PR agencies and in-house teams, with categories ranging from big brand-building ideas to strategic employee engagement plans.

This year’s awards attracted more than 1,500 entries and provided the opportunity for Ogilvy Impact to showcase strategic planning, employee engagement and work that drives positive change within organisations.

Ogilvy Impact was shortlisted with Canon Australia for a GOLD SABRE for excellence in Employee Communications. The featured work was ‘a-FUSION; Humanising a Massive IT Change.

Canon Australia teamed up with Ogilvy Impact to engage employees in a big IT transformation change project. a-FUSION was a new platform and would change the way employees bill, analyse data, process orders and handle service requests. 80% of Canon’s 800 person workforce, along with their outsourcing partners, would use a-FUSION as their primary working tool. The other 20% would be indirectly affected by the change.

The team knew that regardless of how good the technology was, if Canon people didn’t accept it or know how to use the different processes, then the project would just be another one of the 70 per cent of major change initiatives that fail (according to McKinsey’s estimates).

So the change management strategy was underpinned by a solid analysis of the key audiences, the technology impacts and the employees’ specific information and training needs. There was no blanket, one-size fits all approach here. And what made this project stand out from past change efforts was the ongoing conversations with champions, the hands-on live simulations and the fun, energetic take on communication (something generally not expected for an IT change project).

The a-FUSION project was not only was a huge success from a systems perspective, it also help shift employees’ perceptions about change management. Each business unit rated the change management and communication effectiveness on average 80.4% and 83% respectively. And 90% of employees could see how what they had learnt applied to their role.

We’re looking forward to hearing the final result!